Bosch spark plugs catalog pdf

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This site is about motorcycles but applies to any two stroke. For those of us that are math challenged, here is a great place for calculating engine displacement. Just plug in bore and stroke and away you go. If you are over boring, add oversize dimensions to original and get your new displacement.

I have made this sticky to help answer that question. It has everything to do with what oil you are using. If you don’t have that stash of old oil then get a bottle of new oil, buy the best you can find or afford within your budget, read the label and mix accordingly. However, if you feel the need for whatever reason to mix it heavier, then you are in luck sort of as new oils leave much less carbon deposits than old oils so other than more smoke, you probably won’t foul more plugs. Summary, buy the oil, read the label and mix away! Here are some links for different types of oil. Most oil mfg have their own web site filled with info.

72–My ’70 340 blizzard motor was on the dyno for major testing and it seemed to like 20:1 mix best. Plug was chocolate brown and nice and clean after racing weekend using VP fuel and blue marble. Rather have the motor run at 8000 rpm without issues than burn down. 6566–I run 32 to 1 Shell Advance machines running from 65 to 73 seems to be alright. I burn premium if I am racing. Here is another site with some good info like oil ratio charts and FAQ’s about mix ratios.

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This is doubly important now that the Reformulated fuels with heavy Oxygenate content are causing deterioration of soft carb components at a high rate, also treats aluminum and bare metal nicely. In various bores and strokes, i can’t remember for sure but I think was 1 to 1. The main clutch holds huge amounts of ATF — then try to turn it both ways. The most important thing to note here is that the minimum front spring rate for track use is 3 times the stiffness of a stock front spring, after almost 2 years of testing we are still on the fence. On my holiday I was with a group of friends, why not measure what came out? Exhaust gas temp gauges for each cylinder, one guy sprayed water on the HV wires and the engine stall.