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Browsers that branches of agriculture pdf not handle javascript will not be able to access some features of this site. Pay attention to trees, especially maples, with dying branches. Look for the characteristic exit holes in large branches or the trunks. Many websites have good ALB photos and information.

If possible, please take one or more photos of the invasive species you are reporting. Also make note of the location, date and time of the observation. This will aid in verification of your report. You may be asked to provide your name and contact information if follow-up is needed. Dennis Haugen, USDA Forest Service, Bugwood. Why we care: This large, showy beetle was accidentally introduced into the U. The galleries can cause branches or trees to break and will eventually kill the tree.

North American trees have little or no resistance to infestation. More than 1 billion maple trees grow in Michigan. ALB can attack and kill many other tree species, including poplar, willow, sycamore, and horse chestnut. The threat: ALB populations are known to be present in areas of southern Ohio, Massachusetts and New York. ALB can be transported into new areas in logs and firewood.

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If ALB is not eradicated and populations spread across North America, the economic and ecological impacts would be enormous. If a new ALB infestation is found, federal and state officials will begin survey and eradication activities, including removing and destroying all infested trees. Tree removal is unpleasant, but it has been successful in eradicating ALB populations in New Jersey, Chicago and Toronto. What Does Asian Longhorned Beetle Look Like, Where Has It Been Found in the U. Pantnagar University, is the first agricultural university of India. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan recommended setting up rural universities in India on American land-grant model. Main administrative building also called “Ghanta Ghar”, which serves as VC office, is among the oldest buildings on campus.

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