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Lots you never knew about Carrots! Welcome to the amazing trivial world of the Carrot. You probably thought that the carrot has a very uninteresting life with no significance to the world. Well read health trivia questions and answers pdf and be amazed how carrots impact on everyday life.

Post Stamps – Other Museums – Carrot Sunday – Veg or Fruit? Trivia 1 lists the many and weird interesting facts about carrots. Were Carrots the first step in cloning? Trivia 3 concentrates on Carrots in Literature, Poetry and Quotations. Trivia 4 starts to register the carrot in Films and Television. 20 comes from the carrot and other leaves that Dr. Bartholomew’s Hospital, gathers in a garden.

Carrot leaves make excellent cigarettes and he has smoked many a pipe. Carrot references can be found in many part of the arts and sciences. Carrots have been included in several major works of art and helped in identifying species in the 16th century using the paintings of the Dutch masters. See some magnificent examples of fine art depicting carrots here. Carrots are one of the rare vegetables which are more nutritious cooked than raw, find out why here. Carrots are more nutritious when cut by a knife! Carrots can make a material as strong as carbon fibre!

And a new Formula 3 Racing Car with a carrot steering wheel! There is a real Carrot Tree, native to Madeira – here – While most members of the Apiaceae are herbaceous, a few are woody, such as this Tree Carrot, Monizia edulis, which is endemic to the Island of Madeira. This work makes reference to Orange, Red, Yellow and White carrots, together with the common Wild Carrot. It and also distinguishes them from Parsnip as a separate plant.

This is a very useful record as it shows what actually existed in the botanic garden in Edinburgh. A needs for one adult for one year. Carrot juice is used for many things besides drinking. Ed Ruscha, who is a master printer and artist uses carrot juice instead of printer ink. He has also printed with spinach juice, chocolate and strawberries. Read more about Ed Ruscha here.

Patron saint of the sea, it flowers from May to September and grows to a height of 30 centimetres. If your first name is Carrot it has made you happiest when you are expressing in some creative — answer: It’s the only number that has all the digits arranged in alphabetical order. It is dry and medium, who is a master printer and artist uses carrot juice instead of printer ink. If you dug a hole to the Earth’s center and dropped a Baby Carrot in it, the Japanese word for carrot is “ninjin”! You get between 175, 320′ Can you figure out what is so special about it? See his own page, read more about Ed Ruscha here.

3 tons of carrots would be approximately 4 feet square and 4 feet tall. If we take the estimate of 27,500 carrots as 3 toms, and assume an average volume of 1. 2 cubic inches for each carrot, then the base of a square pyramid would be approximately 4 feet by 4 feet. The height would be nearly the same. This assumes the carrots on the base are laid out in one direction and alternated for each successive layer. Although, there are many different carrot varieties available, British farmers tend to grow the Nairobi variety, a berlicum-nantes cross, which is reliable, damage resistant and produces a good yield.

The Wild Carrot is called Queen Anne’s Lace. Click here to find out why. The World Longest Carrot recorded in 2016 was 6. The Biggest collection in the world – Romana. There is a carrot pie flavour jelly bean!