Ielts speaking band 9 pdf

The Academic IELTS is ielts speaking band 9 pdf taken by future students and General Training – by immigrants. Listening and Speaking sections are the same for both Academic and General, while Reading and Writing sections are different.

I needed to pass the IELTS to study a Master, but after practicing two months with other books I realized that I wasn’t ready for the test. Then I saw your ad on the web, you are the only ones that guarantee a score over 7, because of this I decided to buy it and guess what, I got 7 in every module except for the speaking where I got 7. I followed exactly what it says. The positive thing is that I found the listening and readings harder than the other books and when I took the exam, I concluded that your book has difficult exercises so the actual test was easy.

I am truly grateful, because thanks to your book I’ve passed it almost effortlessly. I didn’t even make a study plan, mostly because I got the book 5 days before my exam and decided to focus on remembering most important things. However, better do not write it on your blog – we don’t want people to stop learning and working, which is essential. Used your ‘ACE the IELTS’ book and prepared for two weeks – Band 8. I am writing this short message to say a big ‘Thank You!

I even cannot believe my results! I attempted the exam for immigration purposes and wanted 7. I have got more than what I was looking for! The average produces your overall band score.

Download a printable PDF of the 9-band scale. Misunderstandings may occur in unfamiliar situations. Generally handles complex language well and understands detailed reasoning. Can use and understand fairly complex language, particularly in familiar situations. Should be able to handle basic communication in own field.

Has frequent problems in understanding and expression. Is not able to use complex language. Has great difficulty understanding spoken and written English. How to book your IELTS test? What to expect on test day? How your score has been calculated?

At the same time most universities want you to score 7 or above – and most immigration laws require band 6. But how can you beat the average? You CAN beat the statistics and raise your score to Band 7, possibly Band 8 – or even Band 9. Calculate the number of the current day in the week. NO magic way of getting a great score in the exam.

Here is the formula: Your success depends on one thing only – the way you solve the tasks. The way you answer the questions and write your reports and essays. And people, who know the right way, get higher scores. But people who don’t – score average or below. Good news is that anyone can learn the right way quickly and easily. Even better news is that in one moment you could have access to it. You are literally one click away from a book that is GUARANTEED to help you maximize your IELTS score.

It helped thousands of students to score higher in IELTS, and it WILL help you – that’s a promise. GUARANTEED to maximize your IELTS score and transform your exam preparation from chaotic and frustrating to systematic, productive and enjoyable. Between you and me, does this sound familiar? You must get a high score in IELTS, and have no idea how to do it.

Writing a good essay is hard, because you don’t have enough ideas and they take long to generate. By the time you have something to write about, there is not enough time left to finish your writing. You have trouble expressing your thoughts and the sentences come out just wrong. I know what it’s like to always run out of time in the Reading test, because the passages are hard to understand and the questions are confusing. I know what it feels like to be a slow reader and always lose time, or concentration, especially if the texts are long. I, too, felt the frustration of losing points on grammar, because there is no time to check your answers. I understand the desperation of not being able to achieve you target Band score, no matter what you do.

Just like you, I used to get nervous while speaking, worried about my grammar or pronunciation, and was desperately looking for the right word to say. You are not the only one whose English is often misunderstood by people, and who is convinced that unless there is someone to practice in speaking with, they will never get better. It’s not just you, whose mind goes blank when you need to speak on a topic for 2 minutes, who’s left with no ideas what to say or with no words in their vocabulary. And it’s not just you who panics in the Listening section, when they go too fast, or speak with an accent, or because it’s hard to concentrate and you’re afraid to miss the answers. And I Know How To Help. You are about to be given a step-by-step guide to IELTS preparation, that will transform your studying from frustrating, labour-intensive, long, boring and hopeless experience into an effective, focused and a much shorter one. At any step you will know exactly what you’re doing and why, your confidence will grow quickly because of the results you will be getting, and you won’t be just studying – you will be preparing to maximize your IELTS score.