Las brujas de east end pdf

For supposedly rational creatures we humans seem irrationally drawn to Magic Beans. Being a geezer I’ve been around long enough to see quite a few flavors come and go. What they all have in las brujas de east end pdf is that by the time you start reading about them everywhere, the end is near.

I remember Growth Stocks were all the rage awhile back. Why, any management worth its salt should be able to plow profits back into the business and reach even greater heights. Clearly run by managements with no vision, so lacking in ability that they could think of nothing better to do with profits than to pay them out. You couldn’t go to a party without some guy telling you about his latest killing. The investment world is littered with the remains of once super-star fund managers. Yep, stocks and bonds went up and down but houses? See people will always need a place to live, right?

Seemed to make sense at the time. Why banks, and how could they ever be wrong, would even loan you money on all your equity. You could cash out profits and still live in the place. I’m sure glad I learned how to lose money in real estate back in the 80s and before it was fashionable. Saved me a bundle in avoiding this latest debacle. It is, after all, the one true store of value through human history.

There was even one place that offered to sell it to you and then, for a fee, store it for you as well. You never even had to see the stuff. Mmm, think about that for a moment. 1566 as of year end and falling. Now it seems everywhere I turn the new flavor of Bean is Dividend Investing or, even more impressively, The Dividend Aristocrats. Head on over there and have a read. It is clear and well written.

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