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You deserve the truth, and we are here to fight for you. Times will move to 2300 E. As a flight attendant, he helped many sick passengers. What exactly is Trump’s message to Syria? Hope that The Times’ new owner can reverse the slow death of quality journalism in L. Premise: A married pair of Sudanese refugees are granted a temporary stay in the UK that can become permanent if they can only avoid trouble, a task that becomes problematic when they move into a haunted house.

About: This project was held up for awhile due to a snafu with The Weinstein Company. But since there is no Weinstein Company anymore, they can finally make their film! Remi Weekes is a first time writer-director whose made some noise around the UK with a couple of short films. This script made the Blood List last year. This one came recommended from a couple of sources so I was eager to check it out. This story about Sudanese refugees stuck in a haunted house felt refreshingly original. So all the arrows were pointing up on this one.

Let’s find out if those arrows didn’t die of a heart attack due to a Scriptshadow jump scare. When we meet Sudanese married couple Bol and Zainab, both 28, they’re sleeping in a detention center with hundreds of other refugees, all from different countries. The couple has escaped unimaginable horror in their home-country, Sudan, where villagers were being hacked to pieces on a daily basis. The two win the equivalent of the lottery when they’re chosen for a six-month program to live in the UK. It’s made clear to them that they are not citizens until they finish the program without causing any trouble.