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Please forward this error screen to 66. The building at the front soldier sailor relief act pdf the Master’s House, designed by Sir George Gilbert-Scott. Article by Glenys Warlow on poor relief in Winslow and the history of the Workhouse: workhouse.

Before the Poor Law Reform Act of 1834, towns such as Winslow had their own workhouses. Winslow as having a workhouse, which was built after the Poor Relief Act of 1722. Providing, Maintaining and Clothing the Poor of the said Parish of Winslow, in the County of Bucks. To enter upon the Workhouse at Easter next.

For Particulars, apply to the Overseers of Winslow aforesaid. WANTED immediately, A sober Person in some Manufacturing Business, who is willing to contract for the Maintenance and Employment of the POOR of the Parish of  WINSLOW, in the County of Bucks, till Easter-Tuesday, next. He is to reside and board in the Work-House, and see that the Poor are properly employed. Proposals will be received by the Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poor of Winslow aforesaid.

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Man with his Wife only will not be objected to. A bay was the distance between vertical crucks or main timbers. Such bays were from 12 to 15 feet wide, so this newly constructed Work-House would have been 84-105 feet long. Frederic Morton Eden, The State of the Poor vol. The Poor are maintained, partly, at a work-house, and, partly, at their own houses. 16 Paupers are at present in the work-house, under the care of a Contractor, who farms them at 3s.

The people in the house are old women and children, and one man. Their diet is not regulated by any particular bill of fare. The workhouse in the High Street was replaced in 1824, when the former George Inn next to The Bell was bought by the parish overseers, who were planning to erect a new building there. There was also a change from lace-making to straw-plaiting as the paupers’ employment. At the back of the Bell hotel is a block of buildings now used as a malthouse, stables, etc. CONTRACT for and UNDERTAKE the MAINTENANCE and EMPLOYMENT in the Straw Plait, or some other Business of the Poor, residing in and out of the Poorhouse, and belonging to the Parish of Winslow, Bucks.