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Introduction: Start Your Own Start your own business book pdf Camp! About: It’s me, Prince Nagle Nagle! This instructable is the story of the creation of a summer camp called Camp Kaleidoscope, in Cambridge, MA. I created this in 2006 and ran until 2008.

It is a program that focused on giving children the opportunity to choose what they did during the day — even nothing — and guiding them through creative art and science projects. The Parts and Crafts community and summer camp has since grown out of Camp Kaleidoscope, starting in 2009. The first step is to figure out some idea of what you want to do at your camp. This is a little tricky, because you probably won’t really know what you’re doing at your camp until the second to last week of your first summer or so, but you need to have something to say to people in order to get started. Then you have to flesh out that theory enough to be able to describe how one single day will run.

This last paragraph is part of a spiel I’ve given hundreds of times now. Practice your spiel with your friends and colleagues in planning the camp. It will get clearer and clearer the more you give it. There’s going to be a slight wariness from parents when they consider sending their kids to a camp running in its first year: it’s best if you can capture the magic of your future summner camp in your spiel to offset that worry. You’ll find, as you talk about your project, that you’ll use the same words over and over again.

Turn these words into a sentence. Make a list of what you think would be the coolest things to do each day and call it an ‘activities list’. This plan can, should, and will change. We had our answers, you’ll have yours.

But it’s good to start with something. Once you’ve got an idea of how your camp is going to run, you’re going to want to start getting kids on board. Before you can do that though, you’re going to have a place to have it, so that parents can figure out whether or not they can bring their kids to your site. We found space our first two summers by calling up a ridiculous number of churches and asking around until we found a space that was free for the summer. Incidentally, this turns out to be a great to chance to refine your spiel about camp before giving it to families who might attend. Small churches are more likely to be helpful than big ones.

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Religious organizations are almost always looking for ways to get involved in helping out the community, and bigger institutions are more likely to already be well connected, and, consequently, booked up, than small ones. In college towns like Boston, places that cater to the college community are going to be almost empty during the summer and are likely to be pretty enthusiastic about someone using their space for something cool. Some religious sects have more hierarchy and bureaucracy than others. The fewer levels of bureaucracy that have to approve your use of the church, the faster you’re going to get answers and the more likely you are to get good answers. Schools are another possibility — many are unused during the summer. Calling up the local school board or schools themselfves has never gotten me anywhere. Due to liability issues, only a few people in the school system actually have the authority to let a school be used by another organization.

The easiest way to get school space is to either utilize or make a personal connection, who can then navigate the hierarchies of power to get your space use approved. Getting cooperation from the local school system is probably something that you can get after you’ve done camp for a year or two and have some established credibility. We were eventually given space to use for Camp K one summer by the local school system and spent that summer in a school building. The next year we went right back to a synagogue — there was too much arbitrary oversight, hierarchy, and bureaucracy for us to be entirely comfortable in their space. Being near a park or other play areas. If you’re giving kids’ freedom, you’ll want to give them ample space to run around and play.