Whole30 recipe book pdf

I bought all of your recipe books a couple of weeks ago, and just can’t wait to see what else you’ve got coming out. Thank you for what you’ve done to whole30 recipe book pdf change my life. I’m new to Raw food and purchased your e-books.

All I can say is ‘Hallelujah’! I’m finally learning to prepare healthy foods, including the little things that most recipe books assume you know. Your explanations such as why we ‘soak nuts’ and what equipment to buy was literally like holding my hand and helping me get through this new way of life for me and my LUCKY husband! I truly hope you have rewards in Heaven for all you’ve done for those of us out there that don’t even know where to start!

What I loved about your recipes were the spices you used and the fact that you don’t need to dehydrate so much. I’ve looked at many cookbooks, but they didn’t give enough variety and required some form of dehydrating. I love that you have such a variety of soups, dressings and different ways to dress up veggies. I can’t wait to try some of your desserts. Your ebooks are the first ones I turn to when I’m looking for a recipe. Your dishes have so much flavor that sometimes I forget they’re Raw!

Thanks for making such delicious and easy recipes. It’s helped me a lot to continue to stay raw AND enjoy what I’m eating. You were in Whole Foods a few weeks ago giving out samples of your Moroccan Gazpacho. It was so good that I had to try and make it myself, even though I never cook. Not having a blender, I went and bought one and all the ingredients. Well, I have gone through the whole batch of it myself and I am now going to make another. My husband looks healthier after a month of being raw!

And here’s some great news — he told me that he doesn’t want to go back to cooked. He is loving how he feels when he lives a raw lifestyle, due largely to your fabulous recipes. I’m starting to crave more and more raw. Thank you again for the great classes and recipes. I had the pleasure of meeting you at Mandala Tea Room at the recent raw foods event. I don’t generally eat exclusively raw but I am now more intrigued to explore this lifestyle change.

I thought your pumpkin pie was the best pumpkin pie I ever had. What a bargain this ebook is! I’m also going to recommend your books to my clients interested in adding more raw foods to their diets. Really good stuff, keep it coming. I justed wanted to tell you that the recipes in your ebooks are DELICIOUS! I’ve been high raw for most of the past 5 years, and it’s really nice to have gourmet dishes that aren’t as complicated as Dr. Cousens’ or overly pricey as Juliano’s.

I also like that you put so much medical information to back up your facts in your info ebook. Thank you for all your work in promoting this lifestyle and for the amazing dishes and inspiration you provide! Just wanted to let you know that I really learned a lot from your ebook about getting started with raw. Now I am just dying to order all of your recipe books! Your e-book is such an amazing resource, that it deserves to have written praise! I’ve reached the end of your e-book, and I must say, that it was so informative and inspiring! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

The flax crackers are out of this world and same with the garlic cheese. The dressing for the salad is really tasty. You have a real gift and are so very professional. What a blessing for you to be able to be doing what you love and helping so many people. I wish I were famous so I could give you a famous endorsment!

No one believes me what it is made of! My mother-in-law told me to leave the rest in her freezer! We are all enjoying your recipes. I don’t make anything else besides your recipes.